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Home Tutor International

Easily find a Home Tutor, Home Tuition or Part time Jobs in your local city via: http://www.hometutorintl.com


Business Partner Wanted

BDJogajog.com is a web based out sourcing company based on Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are searching business partners from USA, Canada, Australia , India and any other country. If you are a local business owner or want to stablish a home base IT business then we are searching you. Please contact us via email : info@bdjogajog.com or visit our site: www.bdjogajog.com

How We will help you:

  • We Will help you to analysis your clients requirements & prepare quotation.
  • We will help you design mockup/demo before get the job.
  • We will provide necessary support for your client after deliver the project.
  • We will provide the services with very cheap pricing, so that you can earn from each project.
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